California bill for universal health care creates higher taxes, single-payer system

An ambitious proposal to create a single statewide insurance plan for every Californian — including undocumented residents, seniors on Medicare and people who now get their health coverage through work — began to take shape on Thursday when two legislators released details about what services would be covered and who would run the giant program. Still missing, however, are the details that have bedeviled universal health care advocates for decades: how much it would cost taxpayers. And the plan will be difficult, if not impossible, to execute without permission from Washington to steer billions of federal Medicare and Medicaid dollars into a trust fund that covers everyone.

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Editorial/Opinion: The Time is Right To Modernize CEQA

The Santa Cruz Sentinel recently joined a growing chorus of newspapers throughout California that believe it’s time to modernize the California Environmental Quality Act. Fortunately, our elected leaders in Sacramento also seem to be responding to the call.

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