More California Companies Hearing ‘Move to Our State’ Pitches

Proving that for every action there is a reaction, new business-bashing actions applauded by Gov. Jerry Brown have boosted efforts by other states to recruit California companies to their friendlier locations. . . The representatives are able to project significant operating cost reductions when it comes to labor, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, health care, taxes, facility leases or purchases, regulatory compliance and transportation. Affordable housing in other parts of the country also make it easier for companies to attract and retain employees.

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Businesses Continue to Leave California: A Seven-Year Review

A new study shows that about 9,000 companies left California in the last seven years to reduce costs and improve prospects of growing their businesses. The report provides details about disinvestments by company name, ranks the popularity of the destination states and cities, and outlines the difficulties of doing business in California.

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