Rex Tillerson is on board with a carbon tax, so why aren’t climate activists?

Vermont is in the early stages. The Vermont Public Interest Research Group is hawking a $500 million a year carbon tax on producers that would dramatically increase retail prices for gasoline and home-heating oil, which would be at least partially offset by a tax credit and a sales tax reduction. The proposal could be considered by the state legislature next year.

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Gov. Brown admits $15 minimum wage makes no sense, signs bill anyway

In what could go down as one of the most honest moments in political history, Brown told reporters that raising the minimum wage was more about culture and politics than about economics.

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Solyndra Times Five: What’s Up With the $2.65 Billion in Federal Loans to Abengoa?

Based in Spain, Abengoa SA is teetering on the verge of insolvency after applying for creditor protection last week. The renewable giant got — from the U.S. Department of Energy — loan guarantees of $1.45 billion to build the Solana solar plant in Arizona and $1.2 billion to construct the Mojave Solar Project in California.

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Why California Environmentalists Hate Water

Until the 1970s, when Jerry Brown first became California’s governor, state policy makers were unflinching in their mission to build infrastructure that would meet the demands of a rapidly growing state. Building great public works projects was a source of pride. It was costly, but viewed as a small price to pay to live in this verdant paradise.

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Without State Subsideis, Electric Car Sales in Georgia Crash

According to Georgia car registrations, sales shot up as electric car buyers rushed to take advantage of the tax credit before it expired. But the numbers declined sharply in July and took a swan dive in August — the most recent month tabulated.

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Tesla Got $295M in Subsidies for Technology It Didn’t Offer

Tesla Motors has earned more than $295 million in green subsidy emission credits during the past three years for a battery-swapping technology customers weren’t getting, a Watchdog investigation reveals.

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