Ports of LA and Long Beach See Best Year Since Before Recession

Locally, logistic jobs increased and dockworker pay surged as businesses throughout the United States ordered more products from Asia to meet growing demand at home. Cargo volumes at the neighboring ports climbed nearly 4% from 2013 to 15.2 million container units, making 2014 the third-busiest year on record, behind only 2006 and 2007.

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Why McDonald’s is Rationing Its French Fries in Japan

A labor dispute is apparently delaying American potato shipments at American West Coast ports, thereby limiting supplies in Japan. Labor disputes have resulted in protests in ports in California and the Pacific Northwest over the past couple years.

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Fastest Asia-US Shipping Route? Canada’s Ports

Shipping companies are seeking the fastest route to move Asian goods to the U.S. Midwest, with a growing share of U.S.-bound cargo arriving first in Canada. The increased business suggests Canada’s efforts to exploit some natural geographic advantages by spending billions of dollars on its West Coast trade infrastructure are paying off.

Congestion, labor tensions and tax concerns at U.S. ports have also spurred some shippers to look north. . . Canada’s two big Pacific ports have a natural geographic advantage: relative proximity. Prince Rupert, for instance, is the closest North American port to Asia due to the curvature of the Earth, and is more than 68 hours closer to Shanghai by boat than Los Angeles, according to its port authority. It also boasts one of the world’s deepest natural ice-free harbors.

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Teamsters Strike, Allege Wage Theft

Truck drivers who work at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach walked off the job Thursday to protest two trucking firms they accuse of wage theft, according to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which organized the action.

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Amazon Adding 200 Jobs in Tracy

Amazon is hiring for 200 more permanent jobs in its Tracy distribution center, according to KCRA-TV Channel 3.

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California Exports Continued to Roll in June

In-state businesses shipped merchandise valued at $15.77 billion in June, up 3.5 percent from $15.23 billion in June 2013, according to an analysis of Wednesday’s U.S. Commerce Department figures by Beacon Economics, a consulting firm with Bay Area and Los Angeles offices.

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US International Trade in Goods and Services, June 2014

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the Department of Commerce, announced today that total June exports of $195.9 billion and imports of $237.4 billion resulted in a goods and services deficit of $41.5 billion, down from $44.7 billion in May, revised. June exports were $0.3 billion more than May exports of $195.6 billion. June imports were $2.9 billion less than May imports of $240.3 billion.

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Harbor Truckers Go On Strike

Hundreds of truckers who work at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach went on strike on Monday to protest what they called unfair labor practices.

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West Coast Ports Set to Keep Humming

The coast’s share of containerized cargo fell from just over half of all tonnage arriving from Asia in 2004 to about 40% in 2013, much of that erosion coming from increased competition from Canada and Mexico. That has contributed to the air of harmony between port operators and dockworkers.

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LA Port Traffic Rises

Traffic at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach rose in May compared with the same month last year, according to figures released Monday.

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Political Turmoil Could Give California Rocket Firm Edge Over Russians

Political fallout over the seizure of Crimea has caused the U.S. government to rethink its partnership with Russia on space programs, which has bolstered business prospects for a historic California rocket company.

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Port of Long Beach Offers Incentives to Shippers

In the business of seaports, competition for ships to dock and move cargo is tough.  In California, new environmental rules make it even tougher.  So the Port of Long Beach will soon offer shipping companies two new incentives — both of which aim to boost business while reducing air pollution.  

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LA Port Traffic Rises 10 Percent

Port spokesman Phillip Sanfield said the jump was in part due to an improving economy. He also said retailers appeared to be importing holiday season goods earlier this year to cover their bases should port labor negotiations fail and affect shipping.

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Gov. Jerry Brown Approves Property Tax Exemption for Space Companies

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed into law a 10-year exemption from state taxes for certain property used for space flight operations in California.

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California Trade Report

For the month of February, the state’s merchandise export trade totaled $13.76 billion, up from the $12.70 billion in exports recorded in February 2013. By comparison, overall U.S. merchandise exports increased by just 0.3% during the same period.

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